S-K environmental noxious weed wash system


S-K environmental noxious weed wash system


About the Ower, Sheilah Kennedy


I have testified in WA DC and Olympia regarding
noxious weed issues and legislation.

Previous to starting my business I worked as the Okanogan County Noxious Weed Control Manager for 12 years, developing programs such as Weed Cross Borders first program reaching across borders and boundaries to coordinate noxious weed control programs.


I have participated and attended National Invasive Weeds Awareness Week for several years, discussing how policies in WA DC affect on the ground programs at the County level, and the need for joint coordination between Agencies, Public and long term control programs. As part of the Educational focus during the week activities included "Kids" day informing of the need to know noxious weeds, understand why they should be controlled and how working together we can and will make a difference.


I decided to leave the County position to work for State Representative Joel Kretz as his Legislative Assistant, until I started my business, S-K Environmental. Pulling people, agencies and noxious weed control programs together has always been a priority.


Throughout my career I have been past President and Board Member of the North American Weed Management Association (NAWMA) for 8 years, Co-Chair Early Detection Rapid Response (EDRR) Committee and International Issues Committee. While prevention is the first line of defense, even the best prevention efforts will not stop all invasive species. Early detection and rapid response (EDRR) efforts increase the likelihood that invasions will be halted and eradicated. Once a species becomes wieldy established, the only action possible is aggressive long term site specific control efforts. The lead person for EDRR programs, planning and education is Dr. Randy Westbrooks. I have had the pleasure of working with so many of the best professionals during my career and many I call friends.


I serve as Industry Representative on the Center for Invasive Plant Management (CIPM) Steering Committee Montana State University (term 2010-2013)


Weeds Across Borders Conference.

I have been invited to present at numerous conferences and have traveled to West Virginia in 2010 to attend the Weeds Across Borders Conference (WAB) to provide an onsite demonstration with my portable noxious weed rinse off and reclaim system.


Recognizing vehicles and recreational activities are increasing the spread of invasive species, I started S-K Environmental utilizing the WB-500 Portable Invasive Species Rinse off and Reclaim System to assist in providing the strongest prevention tool available. Weed Wash Systems must be included in all EDRR, prevention and new invader programs.


S-K Environmental has participated in studies with USFS, San Demas Research Center California, University of Notre Dame Aquatic Invasive Species Study, and demonstrations along the U.S. Okanogan County and British Columbia, Canada Border Crossing. The WB-500 is one of the strongest pieces of prevention equipment available to be incorporated into any invasive species program.View the Research



noxious weed wash system research
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noxious weed wash system how it works

The WB 500 is specifically designed to remove and capture noxious weed seeds and plant particles from equipment and vehicles, while reclaiming, cleaning, and reusing the on-board water supply.

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noxious weed wash system projects

2006 Fire Season
Tripod Fire Complex
Okanogan County,
Washington S. and Polalie Fire Cle Elum, Washington St.

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Hunter Education Day 2006
Okanogan County
Noxious Weed Control Board

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Border Crossing
Okanogan County, WA and British Columbia, Canada

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What Can You Do?

S-K Environmental noxious weed rinse system


Noxious weeds compete with pasture and crops, reducing yields substantially. Some noxious weeds are directly poisonous or injurious to man, livestock, and wildlife. The losses resulting from noxious weed infestations can be staggering, costing residents millions of dollars due to lost production. This not only directly affects the landowner, but erodes the tax base for all residents. The business of noxious weed control is everyone's concern, and their control is to everyone's benefit. The support of all individuals is needed and vital for the control of noxious weeds.



This is the STRONGEST piece of prevention tool available!