S-K environmental noxious weed wash system


S-K environmental noxious weed wash system


How it Works


Simplified controls manage the overall DOTWASH system. The GENSET power unit the controller is self monitoring and equipped with a simple user interface. The GENSET provides power for the entire DOTWASH system while the Master Control Panel manages the various circuits that dispense electrical energy to the other components.


The 35kw Genset generator power plant is capable of operating all DOTWASH components at the same time, it is equipped with a digital controller system that monitors all Genset parameters. Once set the easy-to-use controller automatically starts the unit with the press of a button. To operate the genset press the Start Button, the controller performs a self check of Genset Systems and then starts the unit automatically. Shut down is simply a matter of pressing the stop button. The controller LCD screen provides notice of operator for various alerts that require attention. An emergency shut-off button is conveniently place near the controller module for quick access.


Spinners: The undercarriage spinner Rinse Spray system consists of a portable spinner device connected to the rinse-water and final rinse cycles. The spinners deliver 30 gpm @ 250 psi. The spray pattern effectively and efficiently covers the undercarriage of the vehicle.


Reclaim Mat: Two heavy vinyl reclaim mats are provided with the DOTWASH system to collect waste fluids that accumulate from the water rinse and the final rinse cycles. Each are similar in construction and form collection reservoirs fro the rinse water and any residual final rinse fluids which are returned to the onboard holding tanks for reuse or for disposal.


Filter setup: A coarse strainer is used in the first stage of the filtration process and it removes the coarsest material from the reclaim water before it reached the sludge tank where less coarse material settles out. The next filtering stage consists of two bag filters that are utilized to remove particles from the reclaimed water that is transferred from the settling tank to the water supply tank. The first filter removes the particles greater than 100 microns and the second filter removes particles greater than 10 microns. Filter maintenance consists of replacing clogged filters with new filter bags as necessary.


Pressure Strips: Vehicle weight activates pump activity when the front and rear tires of a vehicle roll over pressure strips located in the wheel track area. The first pressure strip activates the maim pump which switches on and delivers water to the undercarriage spinner device, a second pressure switch operates similarly and activates the ESS unit by switching on the air control valve mounted on the air compressor which then delivers compressed air to the liquid supply tank which in turn supplies final rinse, such as herbicide products or neutralizer to four undercarriage spray nozzles. Final rinse products are applied as a fog mist type of application instead of high pressure.








noxious weed wash system research
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noxious weed wash system how it works

DOTWASH is a Portable Rinse off and Reclaim System that removes dirt, road salt and weed seeds from equipment and vehicles, accumulates weed seeds in filter, for convenient disposal, and it is capable of reclaiming, cleaning and reusing the on-board water supply.

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noxious weed wash system projects

2006 Fire Season
Tripod Fire Complex
Okanogan County,
Washington S. and Polalie Fire Cle Elum, Washington St.

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Hunter Education Day 2006
Okanogan County
Noxious Weed Control Board

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Border Crossing
Okanogan County, WA and British Columbia, Canada

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