S-K environmental noxious weed wash system


S-K environmental noxious weed wash system


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S-K Environmental is moving into the direction of modifying and developing new systems to fit particular needs of the end user. Please contact S-K Environmental for specific specifications for a system that fits your needs. S-K Environmental will find the components needed that best reflect the type of system you are looking for and provide a price quote specific to your needs.


Contact Information:

S-K Environmental, Sheilah Kennedy, Owner/Operator


Please send an email to: shekennedy@hotmail.com outlining the system that you are interested in so I can contact you with follow-up questions and information. 


Or call my cell phone 509-322-6909.


Thank-you for visiting my website and your interest in the strongest prevention tools available to incorporate into your long term, site specific, Early Detection Rapid Response program!


Together WE CAN and WILL make a difference! 



noxious weed wash system research
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noxious weed wash system how it works

DOTWASH is a Portable Rinse off and Reclaim System that removes dirt, road salt and weed seeds from equipment and vehicles, accumulates weed seeds in filter, for convenient disposal, and it is capable of reclaiming, cleaning and reusing the on-board water supply.

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noxious weed wash system projects

2006 Fire Season
Tripod Fire Complex
Okanogan County,
Washington S. and Polalie Fire Cle Elum, Washington St.

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Hunter Education Day 2006
Okanogan County
Noxious Weed Control Board

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Border Crossing
Okanogan County, WA and British Columbia, Canada

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Quick Specs

S-K Environmental noxious weed rinse system


Water Supply:

Power Supply:

Water Rinse Distribution Supply