S-K environmental noxious weed wash system


S-K environmental noxious weed wash system




The SK DOTWASH Portable Rinse and Reclaim System was developed by S-K Environmental for specific use by Department of Transportation, (DOT) across the United States. This system is the first to combine components making this system the most effective and efficient system available to help prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species.


The SK DOTWASH system is specifically designed to remove and capture invasive species, invasive seeds and plant particles from the undercarriage of vehicles and equipment. Either by cleaning maintenance or construction equipment before equipment movement to another site. Much of highway corridor work is performed by Contractors so the SK DOTWASH system was designed to be portable, fast and easy to operate as to not slow the on site work process.


Reclaim and Filtration Process

Effluent from the washing process lands on the impermeable mat and collects at the lowest point, where the reclaim pump is located. The pump removes the water into a collection tank onboard the trailer, where it accumulated until sufficient quantity exists to pump a consistent flow. At that time, a float-activated pump engages, transferring the liquid. The heavy solids passes through into a settling tank where it hast eh opportunity to settle out. As the water in the supply tank is depleted, a pump may be manually engaged that transfers this water through a series of bag type filters and deposits it into the supply tank for reuse. All remaining seeds, organic matter and particles lager than 10 microns are captured within these easily replaceable filter bags.


As the supply water is consumed, it will be necessary to process the reclaimed water and transfer it back into the supply tank. It is advantageous to allow the effluent to settle in the holding tank cell as long as possible to allow heavier solids to be captured. This minimizes the amount required to be captured and processed through the filtration bags and extends the life of the filters. When it becomes necessary to refill the supply tank, simply switch the filtration pump switch to "On", and transfer the effluent through the filters and into the clean water supply tank. This pump is also float controlled, and will shut itself off when the fluids in the holding tank has been removed.


The filtration and reuse of the water allows the system to be used for extended periods of time, depending on the dirt load.


Total cleaning time per vehicle depends on the size of the vehicles or equipment being cleaned and the degree of soils to be removed.


The final rinse component is air assisted electrically charged spray drops that are attracted to the vehicle frame body providing uniform coating on otherwise hard to reach areas. The final rinse component was developed to provide final rinse option of products to help eliminate invasive species or neutralize salt products being applied to roads causing corrosion problems to vehicle wiring systems.


S-K Environmental has designed and developed the SK DOTWASH system to be effect, efficient and easy to use to be incorporated into any EDRR (Early Detection Rapid Response) program. SK DOTWASH systems can be modified and built to meet your specific needs.


noxious weed wash system research
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noxious weed wash system how it works

DOTWASH is a Portable Rinse off and Reclaim System that removes dirt, road salt and weed seeds from equipment and vehicles, accumulates weed seeds in filter, for convenient disposal, and it is capable of reclaiming, cleaning and reusing the on-board water supply.

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noxious weed wash system projects

2006 Fire Season
Tripod Fire Complex
Okanogan County,
Washington S. and Polalie Fire Cle Elum, Washington St.

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Hunter Education Day 2006
Okanogan County
Noxious Weed Control Board

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Border Crossing
Okanogan County, WA and British Columbia, Canada

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Quick Specs

S-K Environmental noxious weed rinse system


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